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Real estate expert Barry Gilbertson is an acknowledged authority on property markets, assisting clients with real estate consultancy, undertaking speaking engagements and publishing articles worldwide.

Barry is recognised as a leading figure in the property world with more than 20 years’ experience leading corporate real estate work outs for business recovery – including Lehman Bros and Enron. He is also an adviser to the Bank of England on property issues, and a former President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Consultancy and borrower advocacy

As well as helping organisations develop and implement property strategy, Barry works with businesses and lenders to resolve property-related finance issues. Borrower advocacy helps both sides find a constructive way forward in distressed markets or in the case of property insolvency.

Contact Barry to find out how he can help with your property strategy or borrower advocacy. Or find out more about his work in property consultancy and as non-executive director of real estate corporates and businesses where property or construction are material to their success.

Property market speaker and lecturer

With an enthusiastic and engaging style, Barry has a renowned flair for bringing complex issues to life for a diverse range of audiences – from business leaders to property market professionals, academics, students and policy makers. He speaks at and often chairs intimate in-company meetings as well as high profile international events.

Contact Barry Gilbertson to discuss your event or academic programme. Or find out more about Barry’s work as a real estate speaker, visiting professor and university lecturer or author and broadcaster.

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