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Bring the property experts on board

Why do so few companies have a property specialist among their directors?

A corporate balance sheet has three components: money (cash, debt and equity), goodwill and assets. Boards tend to have money-savvy accountants and sector specialists, but who is looking after the fixed assets? If most companies’ major fixed assets are the properties they own or lease, why are there so few property experts on the board? Read the rest of this entry »

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Savings, Bloody Savings

If you had to rank the challenges you face in business – what would you put top? A recent RICS survey asked people running small property companies and professional services to do just that. They answered as follows:

  • Cash flow 41 per cent
  • Access to contracts 19 per cent
  • Red tape 11 per cent
  • Bank support 10 per cent
  • The rest were a mix of smaller issues

What does this tell us? First, money is very tight. Secondly, finding work is hard. Thirdly, bureaucracy makes life difficult. No big insights there perhaps.

However, it seems that working capital is not perhaps as big a problem as many commentators consider it to be.. Read the rest of this entry »

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Seriously Wicked…Fun

Halloween Fun Run, Virginia

All ready to go

On a very cold early October morning in Virginia Beach, a small group comprising an escaped convict, a clown, two pink fairies and a butler in a black and white morph suit gathered outside the VB Conference Centre along with 7,000 other Halloween runners, joggers and walkers. The Wicked 10k Halloween Run was about to begin. Read the rest of this entry »

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Early Leaders: Six Super Signs

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders is critical to succession planning. William Buttery & Barry identify six signs to help to spot those individuals…

Successful succession planning

In any business or organisation, identifying and then nurturing the leaders of tomorrow is the key to successful succession planning. Here are six signs noted from our different experiences we think help to spot those individuals who will be leaders, rather than followers, as they progress through their chosen career, whether paid, voluntary or not-for-profit.

Assertiveness: question everything

‘He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.’
Chinese Proverb

Assertiveness, in its true sense, is a little-used skill. It is not the ability to question something, for that is just self-confidence. Rather, it is knowing when to question and how to do so effectively. To be assertive is to let others know what you do and do not want in a confident and direct way. Both passive and aggressive people relate to others as though only one person counts: themselves. In contrast, assertive people are concerned with a fair deal for everyone. You will be respected and feel valued.
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The New Glass Ceiling

Having qualified as a surveyor, I am always surprised how few property experts make it to corporate board level. With property such a significant part of the corporate balance sheet, it seems astonishing there are so few board members with the right expertise and real experience in a senior enough position to make a success of buying, leasing, occupying or investing in properties from which the company trades.
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LinkedIn-to the Twitterati

I was a Twitter-sceptic. It’s for youngsters. It’s not for business. However, I’m now a convert and a strong advocate of LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why and how typical are my experiences?

Visibility and profile

I first switched on to the idea of LinkedIn as I approached retirement as a partner at PwC and began planning my consultancy business. For me it was about somewhere to create and store my book of clients, chums and contacts. LinkedIn provides this service very effectively for free. As I discovered, it also gives me access to view and connect with my connections’ connections.
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