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Bring the property experts on board

Why do so few companies have a property specialist among their directors? A corporate balance sheet has three components: money (cash, debt and equity), goodwill and assets. Boards tend to have money-savvy accountants and sector specialists, but who is looking […]

Survival by a Thousand Cuts

What can and should companies be doing to survive? Read Barry’s CoStar Guest Column… A recent RICS survey asked people running small property companies and professional services firms to rank the challenges they faced. Before branching out on my own this year, […]

Can London's skyscrapers fill their floors?

Read Barry’s analysis for London Loves Business or read the full article here.

Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

Why there are so few property experts on the board? Read Barry’s CoStar’s Guest Column to view the article in full or read below.   Writing for CoStar Barry suggests ways to break through barriers. When I was growing up […]

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