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As a renowned property expert as well as an accomplished and engaging communicator, Barry Gilbertson is a popular real estate speaker in the UK and worldwide. Barry combines engaging delivery with genuine insight to motivate audiences of business leaders, commercial property market experts and other professionals.

Watch Barry speaking at the Five Counties Conference 2011 for Commercial and Residential Surveyors, see a selection of current speaking themes.

A real estate speaker with global appeal

Barry is a relevant and entertaining speaker and adept conference chair. He has spoken at conferences and seminars in 30 countries. Engagements include in-company programmes, as well as international events. Barry has spoken for the UN, lectured at the World Summit for Sustainable Development and chaired an international panel at Harvard University’s Global Cities Symposium.

Barry has the rare ability to simplify and bring complex issues to life – especially real estate market trends. What sets him apart is his capacity to engage and inspire his audience through humour and energy. Barry has a unique background – including having been a DJ and professional auctioneer − which makes him a natural in front of any audience.

Recent commercial real estate market events

The wide remit of Barry’s knowledge and experience, in particular in the commercial property market UK and worldwide, and his understanding of property market trends means he attracts board level audiences as well as influential public sector figures. Barry also helps leading real estate professional teams stage effective property events for their clients. His audiences include:

> Business Leaders.

> Property Company Leaders.

> Insolvency practitioners, accountants and legal real estate professionals and their clients.

> Property finance professionals.

> Organisations servicing the property and construction sectors.

> Academics and leaders of government committees, non-governmental organisations and the civil service.

> Membership associations, professional and industry bodies.

Barry also helps leading real estate professional teams stage effective property events for their own clients.

See a full list of Barry’s speaking engagements, a selection of current speaking themes .

“Barry reduces the most complex economic and fiscal issues to a level the layman can comprehend. His engagement with the audience shows he is a consummate presenter.”

Bill Gloyn, Immediate Past-President, City Property Association, and Partner Jardine Lloyd Thompson

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