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Real estate market analysis for property events

Barry Gilbertson is a renowned speaker on UK and global property markets. He has spoken at events worldwide – high-profile conferences organised by international bodies including the UN, as well as in-company events.

Barry’s experience and property market insight means he is asked to speak on a large variety of
property market trends. Some current speaking themes are highlighted below.

Macro trends in the UK property market

  • How perceptions of the real estate market affect the value of debt and why it matters.
  • The impact of inflation on property assets.
  • Why the global economy affects UK property markets.
  • Valuation – sets the market or follows the market?

Turnaround of property companies and organisations where property is a key issue

  • Property on the corporate balance sheet.
  • Why property strategy affects corporate success or survival.
  • Corporate real estate : to own or to lease?
  • Who runs your properties – the board or a minion?

Real estate finance

  • What recent and future trends mean for bank debt, repaying debt, hedges / swaps and financing debt.
  • The impact of recent and future interest rates.
  • Lender stickiness − reasons lenders bring banking relationships to an end.
  • The consequences of bank capital adequacies.
  • Selling assets without borrower consent.
  • Exit strategies for banks with large non-prime property holdings.

Retail property

  • Trends in vacancies and town centre rent levels.
  • The causes and consequences of shrinking.
  • Why market towns succeed and coastal towns fail.
  • The future of the high street.
  • Why retail property may or may not be the best bet for keeping pace with

Borrower advocacy

  • What borrower advocacy is and how it helps.
  • How businesses can work with lenders financing their property assets – and why they should.
  • The role of borrower advocacy in distressed markets.
  • The economic cycle and the role of borrower advocacy.

Please contact Barry Gilbertson to discuss or explore any of these themes or to discuss your real estate event or conference.

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