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As a renowned property expert as well as an accomplished and engaging communicator, Barry Gilbertson is a popular real estate and property speaker in the UK and worldwide. A relevant and entertaining speaker and adept conference chair, Barry has led projects or spoken at conferences and seminars in 30 countries.

Barry’s skill as a communicator works equally well as a university professor giving a seminar, or as a market expert presenting thoughts to clients, contacts and the media. Barry has a renowned engaging style that expresses the complexities of his topic in a way that is easy to understand, jargon-free and appreciated by listeners in the know and lay-people alike.


Upcoming and recent events:

Property & Finance Group : Chairing joint meeting with Cambridge University Land Society – 28 February 2012 – London

Cambridge University Undergraduate and Masters courses : Visiting Lecturer : “Resuscitation or Recovery?” – 26 January 2012 – Cambridge

Property work-out bankers’ peer-group supper : Chair and Host on behalf of Knight Frank – 18 January 2012 – London

Estates Gazette Awards Dinner 2012 : Judging panel member – 8 December 2011 – London

Property & Finance Group : Chairing guest speaker Tony Pidgley, Chairman of Berkeley Homes Group plc – 7 December 2011 – London

RICS Insolvency Conference : Chairman and speaker – 1 December 2011 – London

CPD Foundation : “Resuscitation or Recovery ?” – 30 November 2011 – London

Bank of England Seminar : “Resuscitation or Recovery ?” – 28 November 2011 – London

Cambridge University Land Society Market Trends Breakfast Meeting – 24 November 2011 – London


A tailored approach

Over the past five years or so, Barry has given more than 100 lectures or presentations, usually of 45 minutes duration with 15 minutes for questions. Barry is, however, equally at home in smaller gatherings where, speaking without notes, he can engage the audience and stimulate debate and conversation round the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.

Some of Barry’s lectures, seminars or presentations have included:

  • Entering the Fourth Phase: why banks must start releasing distressed property assets.
  • Property is the Real Estate: a property 101 seminar.
  • The Keys – Moving in or moving out: 2010/11 property market update.
  • Residential and Commercial Property: issues for lawyers.
  • Roots:Shoots:Fruits: hold or sell property in today’s business climate.
  • The Credit Crunch: has it taken the biscuit?
  • A Vision for Valuation: a treatise on the future of the valuation specialisation for real estate.
  • Internationalisation of Real Estate and Cross-Border Transactions: why it is not easy.
  • Working Together: why teamwork is important for success.
  • Trust me…I’m a Chartered Surveyor: why business ethics are crucial to success.
  • International Valuation Standards: why IVS should be adopted worldwide.
  • Thesis Ideas: prompts from real life case studies.
  • Property − Goldmine or Landmine: property risks and property values.
  • Thinking Like a Property Player: inside the mindset of real estate debt borrowers.

Many of these lectures and seminars are updated and repeated to new audiences. Barry is regularly invited back to conferences to give an annual update on his perspectives on the property market.


Organisations Barry has spoken for

To give a flavour of the organisations for which Barry has spoken recently, a non-exhaustive list would include:

University Lecturing

Barry has also been invited to speak as visiting lecturer at leading universities around the world including:

  • Cambridge
  • Northumbria
  • Oxford Brookes
  • Reading
  • Napier
  • South Bank
  • Ulster
  • UWE
  • Cornell at Ithaca
  • Georgia State
  • Georgia Tech
  • Tsinghua in Beijing
  • UIBE in Beijing
  • Ocean in Qingdao
  • Jiao Tong and Tong Ji in Shanghai
  • Nairobi in Kenya.

Please contact Barry Gilbertson to discuss Barry’s involvement in your next property event.

Barry gave the keynote address and presented the 2011 MBA degrees at Biberach University, Munich, Germany. A graduate commented:

“Barry has such presence due to his clear and known expertise – he’s not a professor for nothing.”

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