Audience & Organisers' Testimonials

Barry Gilbertson is always good value. Excellent in every way. Brilliant delivery as usual. Extremely depressing but a good overview of the market.

Guy Pullen, 3CPD Ltd


The talk was extremely informative and very well delivered. Every delegate I met was impressed by your deep knowledge on the subject and your ability to explain it in such simple terms.

Saad Khan, Senior Sales Manager, RICS


An informative and engaging presentation. I found your comments and explanations thought-provoking and comprehensive − which is always a bonus when attending a property seminar as a non-property person. So, thanks for the education!
The Keys, London, October 2010

Gemma Osman, Partner, Knight Frank

An excellent lecture – fascinating. We could have had two hours for the questions it raised.
The Keys, London, November 2010

Richard Gurney, Divisional Managing Director, Claims, JLT


A fascinating and provoking presentation − the highlight of our year. Because we were certain we would be fully subscribed we held the event at a venue normally out of our price range. The audience ranged from our contemporaries to young people who have recently entered the profession and included four past chairmen, local government officers and at least one MRTPI (non-chartered surveyor). We could have all listened all evening.
The Keys, East Malling, Kent, November 2010

Julian Scannell, Chairman, RICS Kent Local Association


An excellent lecture. Yet again filled an hour with really interesting facts and statistics, explanations and opinions. It flew by. You have really excellent delivery − a very reassuring mix of experience, intellect, confidence and humour. I could listen to you for hours. And the delegates clearly agree – they’re normally fidgeting for the door after half an hour, yet not one of the 150 attendees left early. October 2010.

Helen Nother, Programme Director, CPD Foundation


You were very eloquent (as ever) and really carried your panel. The way you divided the periods of this cycle was really very insightful. October 2010

Andrew R Blackshaw, Director, Real Estate Solutions, Deloitte LLP


Barry’s lectures are always a highly anticipated fixture in the CPD Foundation’s lecture programme. His evident breadth of knowledge, expertise and the efforts he undertakes to keep abreast of (or even ahead of) the latest research ensure his talks are packed full of up-to-date information delivered in an engaging and interactive style.

Ben Hull, Head of The CPD Foundation Educational Trust


Your presentation was extremely well received. The majority of members are experiencing a recession for the first time and much of what is happening in the market is very daunting. Your entertaining, insightful and informative talk helped allay fears. In many ways your talk provided the motivation to start taking advantage of the opportunities that are out there. You were an absolute triumph.
Roots, Shoots and Fruits, April 2010

Charlie Rosier, Chairman, Young Entrepreneurs in Property


A stimulating presentation. I have already received very positive feedback from the assembled audience of around 70 in the office and another 20 on the video link to our regional teams. London, April 2010

Clive Bull, Partner, Capital Markets Group, Cushman & Wakefield LLP


Barry’s talk gave a spellbound audience a fascinating insight into what currently goes on in the world of commercial property. A recent article in the marketing press described PwC as a ‘titan of consulting’. We all felt after the presentation that Barry Gilbertson can truly be described as a ‘titan of property’.
Roots, Shoots, Fruits, November 2009

Annick Devillard, Chair, The Executive Network


Barry’s canter across the property sector and valuation issues can only come after many years at the very top of our profession. Peppered with salient statistics and pithy stories from two decades as the UK’s leading property man in the world of recovery and insolvency, Barry’s insightful presentation predicts a bumpy ride for years to come. Barry adopts a relaxed, engaging and entertaining approach that includes the whole audience. Miss him at your peril.
Cambridge University Land Society, October 2009

Roddy Houston, Asset Management Director, Telereal Trillium


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