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Savings, Bloody Savings

If you had to rank the challenges you face in business – what would you put top? A recent RICS survey asked people running small property companies and professional services to do just that. They answered as follows:

  • Cash flow 41 per cent
  • Access to contracts 19 per cent
  • Red tape 11 per cent
  • Bank support 10 per cent
  • The rest were a mix of smaller issues

What does this tell us? First, money is very tight. Secondly, finding work is hard. Thirdly, bureaucracy makes life difficult. No big insights there perhaps.

However, it seems that working capital is not perhaps as big a problem as many commentators consider it to be.. Read the rest of this entry »

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Can London's skyscrapers fill their floors?

Read Barry’s analysis for London Loves Business or read the full article here.
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