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Early Leaders: Six Super Signs

Nurturing tomorrow’s leaders is critical to succession planning. William Buttery & Barry identify six signs to help to spot those individuals…

Successful succession planning

In any business or organisation, identifying and then nurturing the leaders of tomorrow is the key to successful succession planning. Here are six signs noted from our different experiences we think help to spot those individuals who will be leaders, rather than followers, as they progress through their chosen career, whether paid, voluntary or not-for-profit.

Assertiveness: question everything

‘He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.’
Chinese Proverb

Assertiveness, in its true sense, is a little-used skill. It is not the ability to question something, for that is just self-confidence. Rather, it is knowing when to question and how to do so effectively. To be assertive is to let others know what you do and do not want in a confident and direct way. Both passive and aggressive people relate to others as though only one person counts: themselves. In contrast, assertive people are concerned with a fair deal for everyone. You will be respected and feel valued.
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